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Research areas

Physics of the cosmic radiation

Activities of the P-VII Department are focused on theoretical and experimental studies of cosmic radiation. Cascades of particles produced within the Earth atmosphere by cosmic rays of energies exceeding those obtained in accelerators are registered by wide-area networks of detectors. The main goal of these studies is to find astrophysical sources of such rays and to determine physical processes responsible for accelerating particles to such high energies.   ----

Astrophysics and astronomy of elementary particles

Sub-atomic physics turned out to be a key to understanding many of the processes occurring in the Universe. A new field of scientific research has emerged: astroparticle physics. Entirely new instruments are necessary for that field. Experience accumulated by NCBJ researchers in elementary particle physics is a very valuable asset also in astroparticle physics. ----


Solving the problem of cosmological singularity is one of the keys to unifying theory of gravitation with quantum physics. In the cosmology context, the solution may help to understand the structure of the CMB spectrum, solve the dark energy problem, and enable understanding the origin of cosmological inflation. ----

Electronics and detectors

NCBJ is involved in development and characterization of various nuclear radiation detectors and electronics addressed to international scientific centers and European nuclear industry. The field of scintillating detectors/techniques has been our specialty for many years. Dedicated electronics for high-energy physics experiments at CERN are developed.NCBJ manufactures also some equipment for nuclear spectrometry. ----

Accelerator physics

Particle accelerators are capable to produce beams of particles of energies up to about 200 GeV for electrons and about 7 TeV for protons. They have numerous applications in industry, material technology, medical therapy (oncology, neurology, cardiology), sterilization of medical utensils, isotope production, environmental protection, preservation of agricultural products, and many others. ----