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On June 10–13, 2022, 17 Olympic Games of Scientific Institutes took place. This year the organizer Was the CEA Grenoble. Over 1,000 scientists representing 26 research institutes from 10 European countries participated in the competition, including NCBJ employees who won many medals.

The Olympic Games of Research Institutes, known as Atomiade, are organized every 3 years by ASCERI (Association of the Sports Communities of the European Research Institutes), in cooperation with European Research Institutes. In addition to the summer and winter editions of Atomiade, there are also so-called Mini Atomiade, organized in 2019 by the A-To-My Sports Club from NCBJ. This year’s edition of the competition Was prepared by CEA Grenoble, and scientists from institutes from all over Europe participated in it (including CERN, PSI, ILL Grenoble, Belgoprocess-Dessel, DESY, GSI-Darmstadt, JRC-Ispra, UJV-Rez, AIT -Vienna, NCBJ-Otwock).

During the Games, scientists faced each other in individual and group sports such as archery, athletics, go-karting, sailing, chess, badminton, beach volleyball, golf and table tennis.

The NCBJ team, consisting of 3 people: Aneta Gójska (athletics), Piotr Wiszniewski (go-karts) and Paweł Karpowicz (table tennis), won 7 medals during the competition:

  • Gold: 100 m, javelin throw, athletics powerlifting
  • Silver: shot put, long jump, table tennis
  • Brown: mixed relay

The mixed relay provided the greatest emotions. Due to the fact that NCBJ had one representative in athletics, an international team Was spontaneously created: NCBJ, CEA, FAR, CERN. The NCBJ representative, who finished the relay race, Was in fourth position at the time of taking over the baton, about 20 meters behind the third relay race (CERN). Around 60 m, Aneta Gójska overtook the representative of CERN and did not give up this lead until the end of the run, leading her team to a medal position. The result of the relay race is 1st place: AIT Vienna, 2nd place: ILL Grenoble, 3 rd place: NCBJ / CEA / FAR / CERN.

Congratulations on the medals won by our representatives!