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National Centre for Nuclear Research

We are one of the largest scientific institutes in Central Europe. Our Centre is a unique research unit in the country. We have a very rich history and, above all, a huge scientific output, mainly in fields such as physics, nuclear and plasma technologies. We conduct basic and applied research related to nuclear energy and various areas of subatomic physics. Our work is interdisciplinary and covers the following scientific fields: physics, materials engineering, automation, electronics and space technologies, environmental engineering, mining and energy, pharmaceutical sciences.

Ten krajobraz "gór" i "dolin" usianych gwiazdami to w rzeczywistości krawędź pobliskiego, młodego regionu gwiazdotwórczego o nazwie NGC 3324 w Mgławicy Carina. Uchwycony w świetle podczerwonym przez Kosmiczny Teleskop Jamesa Webba, obraz ten po raz pierwszy ujawnia niewidoczne wcześniej obszary narodzin gwiazd. Źródło: NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI

Can dust evaporate in a harsh interstellar environments?

Dust represents an important component of the interstellar medium of galaxies and is involved in various physical processes. As a consequence, it is crucial to understand the factors that influence its formation and destruction. In a recent study, a team of scientists led by dr Ambra Nanni of the NCBJ’s Astrophysics Division analysed the effect of photo-evaporation on the survival of dust in the interstellar medium of galaxies.

MARIA Reactor

We operate the only research nuclear reactor in Poland. How does it work and what is its application?
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We conduct research that has applications in the economy, industry and medicine.
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We manufacture high-quality radiopharmaceuticals and diagnostic kits for nuclear medicine.
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National Centre For Nuclear Research

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