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High temperature nuclear reactors (HTR) are on the list of National Smart Specializations (KIS) in group KIS 4: Highly efficient, low-emission and integrated systems for production, storage, transmission and distribution of energy. This opens a way for NCBJ to conduct research in this field with aid from the EU funds, among other things.

National smart specializations are industries, whose development shall provide: creation of innovative socio-economical solutions, increase in value of the added economy and raise in its international competitiveness. National Smart Specialization list is an integral part of Enterprise Development Programme, first accepted by the Council of Ministers in 2014. It is an open document, which undergoes constant verification and update, based on a monitoring system and socio-economic changes taking place. As a result of the latest update, the list was expanded with following subsections: „Opracowanie i wdrożenie technologii wysokotemperaturowych reaktorów jądrowych do produkcji ciepła przemysłowego”[Design and implementation of high temperature nuclear reactor technology for production of industrial heat] and „Wytwarzanie ciepła procesowego dla przemysłu i kogeneracji przy użyciu wysokotemperaturowych reaktorów jądrowych” [Production of process heat for industry and cogeneration using high temperature nuclear reactors]. For more information head to KIS website:…

Konferencja HTR 2018 Warszawa (foto: NCBJ)