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The establishment and activity of the Network of Women in Radiopharmaceutical Science (NWRS) is another step in the process of disseminating knowledge about the role and career opportunities of women in the nuclear sector.

From October 30, 2019, IAEA, together with the Women in Nuclear Global Assossiaton organization, supports and promotes women in various positions related to the design and production of radiopharmaceuticals. The initiative is a response to the under-representation of women in research and management positions, in particular in senior decision-making positions in the field of radiopharmaceutical sciences.

The NWRS describes its mission as follows: We are committed to empowering women in radiopharmaceutical sciences to achieve success on their own terms. We strive to provide opportunities for female scientists to connect with and to support each other (source: WIN-IAEA. org).

The Forum’s Advisory Committee is composed of representatives – women from all over the world, including specialists from India, the Philippines, the United States, Mexico, Morocco, and Poland.

A member of the advisory committee of the forum is Professor Renata Mikołajczak, from NCBJ and Radioisotope Centre (POLATOM) in Poland. Ms. Mikołajczak is also a chairwoman of the working group of the European Pharmacopoeia Commission. The coordinator of the entire project is Ph. D. Aruna Korde from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

According to prof. Mikołajczak: The role of women in the area of ​​radiopharmaceuticals is undeniable, although it is not always noticed. Women play a key role in the preparation of radiopharmaceuticals in the health service and the safe use. Women carry out the research on the implementation of innovative isotopic drugs. The IAEA Network of Women in Radiopharmaceutical Sciences’ mission is to emphasize the role of women in this field, indicating the value of their achievements and motivating them to further development. I encourage all women pursuing a career in the radiopharmaceuticals industry to join in this initiative. They can count on networking opportunities, inspiring exchange, training, and consultations on matters of their interest as well as advice on how to overcome obstacles in their professional development.

To join the international forum of experts, complete the membership form on the IAEA website and send it to the official address WRSNETWORK. Con­tact-Poin­t@iaea. org.

More information about the Forum of Women in Radiopharmaceutical Sciences is available on the website IAEA (Network of Women in Radio­phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal Science).