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Logo projektu ENEN2plus At the end of June, the inaugural meeting of the international ENEN2plus project Was held in Brussels in a hybrid format. The project aims to build competences in the field of nuclear technologies through educational and training activities. The NCBJ Education and Training Department also participates in it.

Nuclear technologies, including energy, require the design, construction and operation of technologically advanced facilities, as well as meeting regulatory and market challenges. All this requires highly educated staff with appropriate skills, knowledge and motivation, prepared to work in a multidisciplinary, multicultural and competitive environment.

The ENEN2plus project (European Nuclear Education Network) is to be the largest and most integrated undertaking in the field of education and training to date, thanks to the involvement of 51 partners from 3 continents. The main goal of the project is to encourage young talents to work in the nuclear industry, and to develop through training.

For this purpose, for those interested in this career path, dedicated events will be organized to promote work in the nuclear sector, ranging from high school students, through university students and PhD students, to people with many years of experience. As part of the planned activities, an analysis of the development of the nuclear technology market in terms of the demand for specialists will be carried out.

„The Education and Training Department together with partners will work on assessing the current human resources needs in the nuclear sector in Europe and on identifying any gaps in education and training,” explains PhD. Katarzyna Deja, Director of the Education and Training Department at NCBJ. „Identification of these weaknesses will allow to define the path of education and training corresponding to the present and future market needs. On the other hand, the information gathered about existing education and training strategies in EU countries and their centralization in a single platform will help to overcome the current fragmentation of the existing education and training opportunities in the EU, so as to guarantee a coherent and balanced agenda”.

The program provides support, giving the opportunity to participate in internships, trainings, study visits, for about 1000 people interested in developing their competences in the nuclear sector at every stage of their career and will be implemented in cooperation with partners from the USA, China, Korea and Japan. Activities aimed at pupils and students aimed at attracting and encouraging them to bind their future with this industry will also be important. ENEN2plus will become a centralized platform where you can get information on education, training and work in this industry, as well as establish contacts with research institutes around the world.


Logo projektu ENEN2plus
Spotkanie inaugurujące projekt ENEN2plus w formacie hybrydowym