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Three scientists from the Fundamental Research Department of NCBJ received NCN SONATA BIS grants, which will allow them to build or strengthen their own research groups at the Institute. One of the distinguished is dr hab. Enrico Sessolo from the Theoretical Physics Division, who received a grant for a project entitled „Searching high and low: a multi-scale approach to the physics beyond the Standard Model”. The author describes his project as follows:

The fundamental constituents of matter are described by the Standard Model of particle physics, one of the most successful theories in the history of science. Yet, there exist phenomena that are not predicted in this framework so that developing a theory "beyond" the Standard Model and a sound strategy for its detection have become crucial endeavours. The energy scale of the new theory is unknown. It could be the extremely high energy of quantum gravity, which is well-motivated but very difficult to explore experimentally. Much closer to the energies we can probe, however, we sense the presence of particles possibly responsible for some signals recently appeared in the LHCb detector. And many theorists believe that just before our eyes may stretch a world of invisible, feebly interactive light particles, which could be at the origin of dark matter. The goal of my project is to draw connections between these different scales using new techniques in quantum field theory, like the idea of asymptotic safety, and a systematic treatment of empirical data. By combining a variety of multi-scale inputs, I will derive unique predictions that can be tested in current and future experiments.

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