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In the latest edition of the National Science Center’s grant competitions, six scientists from the NCBJ have been successful. The most valuable achievement is in the SONATA BIS 7 competition. Dr Kamila Kowalska from the Theoretical Physics Division will receive almost 2.5 million PLN for her research on „Extensions of Standard Model with vector-like fermions.”

A research grant for „New physics scenarios in the light of data from flavour experiments and dark matter search” Was awarded in the SONATA 13 competition to Dr Enrico Maria Sessolo, who is also from the Theoretical Physics Division (BP2) at NCBJ.

Four researches will receive funds for international scientific cooperation, awarded in the HARMONY 9 competition. They are prof. dr hab. Lech Szymanowski (also BP2), who presented in the competition a project called „Hadron tomography: precise phenomenological predictions in the era of new experiments”, prof. dr hab. Andrzej Sandacz (High Energy Physics Division BP3) for a project called „Experiment COMPASS – studying the internal structure of a nucleon”, prof. dr hab. Wojciech Wiślicki (also BP3) for a project called „Studying discrete symmetries, meson structures and quantum mechanics principles in the KLOE-2 experiment” and prof. dr hab. Andrzej Królak employed simultaneously in NCBJ Astrophysics Division and at the Institute of Mathematics PAN (Polish Academy of Sciences), who submitted a project called „Gravitational waves astronomy: participation of the Polgraw team in Advanced Virgo and Advanced LIGO projects.”

Complete ranking lists and popular descriptions of all accepted projects are available on the National Science Center website. In total, NCBJ scientists have submitted 18 applications in recently finished NCN competitions, of which 1/3 gained recognition. It is worth emphasizing the success in the HARMONIA competition, where out of 21 winning projects in the science and technical panel, as many as four are from the NCBJ.