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The IT Cen­ter Świerk (CIŚ) buil­ding ope­ned in 2014 in Natio­nal Cen­tre for Nuc­lear Rese­arch (NCBJ) was deco­rated with a magni­fi­cent mural. Since the insti­tute ope­ra­tes pri­ma­rily during the day, likely, many employ­ees do not even know that lumi­ne­scent paints have been used for pain­tings. The author of the work Olaf Cirut is pre­pa­ring to carry out ano­ther work in Ostrze­szów.

Phy­si­ci­sts know that lumi­ne­scence is a phe­no­me­non of so-cal­led cold light, or light under a dif­fe­rent fac­tor than a high tem­pe­ra­ture. The paints used by Mr. Olaf Cirut to con­struct the facade of the CIŚ buil­ding absorb the energy fal­ling on them during the day. Over time, when it gets dark, paints give off absor­bed energy in the form of light. In the day­time it is not visi­ble, because the reflec­tions of the cur­ren­tly fal­ling light are domi­nant, but at night there is an ama­zing effect, as can be seen in the photo.

The arti­stic career of the author of the mural deve­lops inte­re­stin­gly. Recen­tly, he won a com­pe­ti­tion to deco­rate the buil­ding of the Ostrze­szów Cul­tu­ral Cen­ter. The work will be done in a simi­lar tech­ni­que as used in Świerk. For more infor­ma­tion, ple­ase refer to the local media: https: //www. radio­sud. pl/ro­zrywka-i-oswia­ta­/o­strze­szow-inspi­ra­cje-autora-...

At NCBJ we still have seve­ral buil­dings with large, spa­cious walls. Per­haps in the future some of them will be cove­red with simi­lar attrac­tive gra­phics as the CIŚ mural.

Mural CIŚ w nocy (foto: NCBJ)
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