Simulation of Species Transfer Processes in Molten Salt Reactors

sala 172, bud. 39 (Cyfronet, III piętro) /

28 May, 2024 - 28 May, 2024

Seria: Seminarium Zakładu Energetyki Jądrowej i Analiz Środowiska (UZ3)

Prelegent i afiliacja: dr hab. Tomasz Kozłowski, prof. NCBJ University of Illinois (USA) & NCBJ (Poland)

Data: 28.05.2024, godz. 11:30

Miejsce: sala 172, bud. 39 (Cyfronet, III piętro) /

Streszczenie: A tool was developed for calculating the evolution of MSR component material compositions under various species transfer processes. The tool utilizes the reprocessor function within Serpent 2 which uses a modified Bateman equation for fuel depletion. This reprocessor function was verified against analytical solutions to determine the behavior and limits of the function. This work focused on the application of the species transfer tool on an MSRE-like reactor to (1) determine the target reprocessing rates and (2) the acceptable graphite adsorption parameters based on final waste classification. Preliminary results identified the neutronically important elements for reprocessing and the effects of a charge balance approximation during reprocessing and refilling. In particular, the results revealed that depletion calculations with continuous reprocessing are necessary to obtain the correct keff results, as opposed to simple criticality calculations with perturbation of a depleted fuel composition, due to hysteresis from precursors of neutronically important species.