It was with real sadness and disbelief that we received the news of the death of Prof. Ludwik Dobrzyński. It is difficult for us to come to terms with the thought that we will never meet Professor Dobrzyński in the corridor again or even exchange a word with him.

    Professor Ludwik Dobrzyński was an excellent scientist as well as an organiser and social activist. He raised generations of young researchers and initiated many activities to popularise science and educate the general public. In 1998, at the then Institute of Nuclear Problems (now the National Centre for Nuclear Research), he created and organised the Training and Consultancy Department (now the Education and Training Department) - the place of our work. Together with the team he formed, he conducted extensive popularisation and educational activities, including organising and conducting popular lectures in physics or study visits to the Centre. During these visits, more than 200,000 people visited the Institute over the 20-year period of the Department's activities. Professor Ludwik Dobrzyński was the co-author and editor of many popular science brochures and posters, as well as NCBJ educational websites. He took an active part in events popularising science, he was also one of the originators of the all-Polish "Physical Paths" competition (jointly organised by the Institute of Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw and NCBJ) and for many years chaired the competition's organising committee.

Professor Ludwik Dobrzyński was a person of great knowledge, a world-class scientist and a man of many talents. Over the years, we worked together talking about physics, discussing advances in science and having important discussions about current affairs. With his wisdom, he knew how to combine his and our scientific knowledge with the values necessary for the development of the whole team and the Department. He was an efficient steward and, for many, a trailblazing mentor. We will remember him as a responsible person. He was a passionate man, he did not do anything ad hoc. He was able to combine cheerfulness with a serious approach to the issues under discussion, considerable criticism and high expectations of himself and others. Due to his knowledge and excellent technique, he was a highly respected teacher among his audience and was well-liked by young people.

    Until the end of his life, he thought about the development of the Department, supported us with his experience and his knowledge and did not burn himself out. He was always striving for something new, seeing new paths. The memory of Professor Ludwik Dobrzyński will always remain in our hearts.