Nowa sterownia reaktora MARIA (Foto: NCBJ)

MARIA returned to work



On October 27, after a modernization break, the MARIA research reactor resumed operation. Thus, the long-awaited production of radioisotopes began again, mainly for medical purposes..

In a special letter, the director of NCBJ thanked the people involved in the complex modernization works.

Professor Krzysztof Kurek wrote:

This is the largest modernization project since the reactor was launched in 1974, and is necessary to obtain a license extension in 2025. This is an extremely difficult undertaking and requires a lot of commitment, first of all, of the employees of the Nuclear Facilities Operation Department, but also of employees from other departments and divisions. The reactor has been safely started and is operating at full power. I would like to thank all the employees involved in this process, especially the reactor employees.

The renovation and modernization works performed during the break included: replacement of the main switchboards, modernization of the control room, discharge tanks, a fan cooling tower and some measurement systems, i.a. an aerosol measurement system. The modernization of the switchboards and control room was particularly difficult due to the need to replace the installation connecting old devices and systems while maintaining their functionality. As a result, threshold systems were modernized, a modern visualization system was launched, control panels were replaced and previously activated systems were fully implemented. Carrying out such a thorough replacement of the reactor’s power supply system while carrying out many other renovations and modernizations at the same time, is unique on a global scale. The modernization works are part of a program that will enable MARIA to operate well beyond 2050.