Project: 'Big Science for Polish Innovation'.
Subsidised by the programme of the Ministry of Education and Science: "Science for Society".
Project objectives:

  • increasing the effectiveness of cooperation between science and innovative industry for the construction of consortia of Polish institutions and industry for the implementation of the national infrastructure included in the Polish Research Infrastructure Map - the Polfel project, the construction of the high-temperature HTR reactor and the Solaris synchrotron, the Centre for Engineering of Cryogenic Materials and Research Equipment.
  • increasing the supply of Big Science - European Organisation for Nuclear Research CERN, ITER Project, F4E - Fusion for Energy, ESS - European Combustion Source, ESA - European Space Agency and ESO - European Southern Observatory projects.
  • To increase the commercialisation of technologies developed at the centres and to spread awareness of the links between science, innovation and the economy.

Project duration: 2022-2024

Project value:
total value of the project: PLN 1,048,200.00

Data zakończenia projektu
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