Project name:
Educational detectors for schools

Within the framework of the Social Responsibility of Science programme launched by the Ministry of Education and Science, the NCBJ Education and Training Department is implementing the project 'Educational detectors for schools', submitted to the module 'popularisation of science and promotion of sport'.

Currently, the Education Department allows schools to borrow educational detectors (Geiger-Müller counters and Cosmic Watch detectors) and conduct classes using them. The project involves writing new software to allow data to be read and visualised from the devices using a computer, as well as attaching a Bluetooth module to the existing Geiger-Müller counters so that data can be read and analysed using, for example, a smartphone. The improvements will not only make using the detectors more accessible, they will also widen the range of possibilities for their use. Students will be able to check detector performance in the field without having to take their laptops with them. Combined with the educational activities planned as part of the project on the principle of the detectors, this will allow, for example, students to observe changes in the intensity of ionising radiation at different locations, or to compare these values on and off the NCBJ site.

Project duration: 22 months
Amount of funding: PLN 110,000
Project start date: 1.12.2021

Data zakończenia projektu
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