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Building European Nuclear Competence through continuous Advanced and Structured Education and Training Actions 

The ENEN2plus project is the largest and most integrated education and training project to date, involving 51 partners from 3 continents. The overarching goal of the project is to encourage young talent into the nuclear industry, and to develop them through training. The partners involved in the implementation will work on assessing the current human resource needs in the nuclear sector in Europe and identifying any gaps in education and training. The identification of these vulnerabilities will allow the identification of an education and training pathway that meets the present and future needs of the market. On the other hand, bringing together information on existing education and training strategies in EU countries and centralising them in a single platform will contribute to addressing the current fragmentation of existing education and training opportunities in the EU so as to guarantee a coherent and balanced programme.

The programme will provide support, with the opportunity to participate in internships, training, study visits, for about 1,000 people interested in developing their competencies in the nuclear sector at any stage of their career and will be implemented in collaboration with partners from the USA, China, Korea and Japan. There will also be not insignificant activities aimed at pupils and students to attract and encourage them to associate their future with the industry. ENEN2plus will become a centralised platform to gain information on education, training and jobs in the industry, as well as allowing contacts to be made with research institutes around the world.

Programme: HORIZON-EURATOM-2021-NRT-01
Project implementation date: 01.06.2022 - 31.05.2026.
Grant amount for all partners: EUR 6,999,459
Grant for NCBJ: EUR 68 750

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