Full name:EuroHPC National Competence Centres
Duration:1.09.2020 r. - 31.08.2022 r.
Goal:EuroHPC is a joint venture between European countries and the European Commission (EuroHPC JU) to build an exascale computing infrastructure in Europe. As part of Pillar II of this project, the establishment of EuroHPC National Competence Centres is planned to support industrial research with the participation of academic researchers and using the computing resources provided by EuroHPC supercomputers. High Performance Computing is now a key tool for the development of science and industry in Europe, its importance has grown continuously over the last three decades and has evolved into a technology designed to support a number of key sectors of the European economy.
The main objective of the EuroCC project is to create a European technology support system based on closely linked National Competence Centres in each European country, allowing academia, the business sector (especially SMEs) and public administrations to benefit from the available expertise, experience and resources of the EuroHPC. A single focal point, referred to as the EuroHPC National Competence Centre, will be designated in each participating European country and will be responsible for the implementation of the project and tasks at national level.
The activities of the National Competence Centres will include:
  • cooperation of the High Performance Computing (HPC) centres in the country and the services and training they make available;
  • work on the development of improved and new support and technical assistance techniques;
  • development of a business model for cooperation with different potential users;
  • promotion and dissemination of knowledge at national and international level;
  • exchange of best practices and provision of support to other European countries.
Increasing internal capacities in High-Power Computing (HPC), Big Data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) development aims to address existing disparities and increase the relevance of these technologies across countries, ultimately building an excellent European technology base.
Role of NCBJ:

The EuroHPC National Competence Centres project assumes the creation of a central management point in each participating country for the use of HPC resources by the scientific community, industry and public administration. In Poland, the National HPC Competence Centre is being built by the 6 largest HPC Centres, i.e. ACK Cyfronet, CI TASK, ICM, PSNC, WCSS and NCBJ. By creating the National Centre of Competence, NCBJ performs the following tasks:

  • Supporting academic users, public institutions, as well as companies in gaining access to and using HPC resources
  • Developing a set of so-called good practices in contacts with users, institutions or companies
  • Cooperation with companies and industry
  • Promoting knowledge on HPC applications, e.g. by carrying out training courses
Contact:dr Tomasz Fruboes,+48 22 273 28 57,


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