Contractors:  National Centre for Nuclear Research
Implementation period: 01.06.2023 r. - 30.11.2024 r.
Amount of funding: PLN 205,867.88
Project title: "International radiopharmaceutical conference promoting NCBJ's unique research infrastructure".
Co-financing information: The Institute has received funding from the National Agency for Academic Exchange.
Programme: NAWA "Welcome to Poland"

Project theme: 

NOMRad International Radiopharmaceutical Conference aims to present to the scientific community the potential of NCBJ's R&D infrastructure in obtaining medical radioisotopes (MARIA reactor, CERAD cyclotron), developing new radiopharmaceuticals based on them (POLATOM, NOMATEN) and their implementation into clinical research. It should be noted that the soon-to-be-installed cyclotron is a unique unit on a global scale, enabling a range of radioisotopes to be obtained for medical purposes, the availability of which has so far been very limited, and also enabling research into non-standard nuclear reactions for the production of these radioisotopes. The CERAD project has been placed on the Polish Roadmap for Research Infrastructures, and is thus a showcase of Poland's effective science funding system. CERAD and the MARIA reactor have been submitted to the OFFERR programme, in which the EU funds foreign scientists' access to research infrastructures of European interest. CERAD and MARIA fit perfectly into one of Horizon Europe's flagship areas, the fight against cancer, so the conference will not only allow numerous contacts to be made, but also potential project consortia in this EU priority area. Organising a conference to showcase our achievements and make new contacts.

The Centre for the Design and Synthesis of Molecularly Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals CERAD, a state-of-the-art infrastructure for research into innovative radiopharmaceuticals, is being established at NCBJ. Its core is a cyclotron accelerating various particles (alpha, protons, deuterons), which creates world-unique conditions for obtaining medical radioisotopes. At the same time, the NCBJ's NOMATEN Centre of Excellence was established in 2021. Radiopharmaceutical Group (GRF). CERAD and GRF, require the recruitment of new staff, strengthening of the international position and cooperation with scientists and R&D and industrial centres. This will be achieved by supporting the organisation of an international conference, related to NCBJ's strategic R&D projects, in the area of modern radiopharmaceuticals for molecular imaging and targeted radiotherapy. Particularly important is the organisation and wide dissemination of the first of the cyclically planned conferences, decisive for gaining a reputation in international research circles.

Project goals:

The implementation of the project will directly contribute to the dissemination of research results of Polish scientists on the international arena, establishing contacts and enabling young scientists to have direct contact with the world's most eminent specialists in radiopharmacy. The long-term effect will be the creation of a network of active international research communities around the CERAD and GRF centres and participation in joint projects.

intensification of scientific contacts with foreign entities - for years the number of NCBJ scientists going to renowned centres (CERN, DESY, JRC) for internships and joint research has been increasing. There are also more foreigners coming within the framework of joint European grants (H2020, TOURR project) or projects submitted by them to NCN (POLONEZ-BIS, OPUS). Within NOMATEN (H2020 Teaming and MAB+ FNP), collaborations with renowned research centres in France (CEA) and Finland (VTT) have been initiated in the field of synthesis and research of new multifunctional materials for industrial and medical applications. The NOMATEN Radiopharmaceutical Group designs, receives and preclinically tests new drugs for diagnostics and radioisotope therapy;

appropriate organisation of work and research - new units were created: International Cooperation Office, International Scientific Committee for NOMATEN, Welcome Point (Welcome to Poland/NAWA);

training of doctoral students- joint international PhD School NCBJ-ICHTJ, PHD4GEN and RadFarm Doctoral Studies. NOMATEN is carrying out doctoral studies (cotutelle programme) in collaboration with CEA-UPS.

In addition, the emerging CERAD centre, as well as the 2021 established. NOMATEN's Radiopharmaceutical Group, are relatively new NCBJ units, in the process of reaching their established target structure, looking for young and ambitious scientists to strengthen their research groups, as well as experienced scientific and industrial partners to carry out joint research. Both units require international promotion, both of their collaborative capacities and plans and of their new international research governance structure.

By organising an international Radiopharmaceutical Conference, research capabilities will be presented and thus the promotional needs of both CERAD and the NOMATEN Radiopharmaceutical Group will be met. In addition to scientific presentations, information material on the search for new employees will be distributed. During the conference, visits to CERAD (cyclotron), MARIA Reactor and NOMATEN laboratories are planned. In addition, NCBJ will initiate a series of working meetings for the CERAD user community.

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