The IAEA has ini­tia­ted, in 2020, a 3-year CRP focu­sing on the eco­no­mics of Small Modu­lar Reac­tors (SMRs), inc­lu­ding micro-reac­tors „Eco­no­mic Appra­isal of Small Modu­lar Reac­tor (SMR) Pro­jects: Metho­do­lo­gies and Appli­ca­tions”. The CRP aims at pro­vi­ding Mem­ber Sta­tes with a canvas and a fra­me­work for the eco­no­mic appra­isal of SMR deve­lop­ment and deploy­ment.

The appro­ach would acco­unt for:

(1) dif­fe­ren­ces in Tech­no­logy Readi­ness Levels (TRL);

(2) spe­ci­fics of the tech­no­lo­gies being con­si­de­red;

(3) poten­tial end-users, reve­nue stre­ams, and risk pro­fi­les atta­ched to each con­cept.

The fra­me­work would be applied (in par­ti­cu­lar) to assess the eco­no­mics of mul­ti­ples (serial pro­duc­tion of reac­tors in a fac­tory set­ting), fac­tory fabri­ca­tion (con­di­tions to be met for a fac­tory to exist), and sup­ply chain loca­li­za­tion (oppor­tu­ni­ties and impacts).

This CRP has over 60 par­ti­ci­pants from 32 mem­ber sta­tes.


Program: Programme of coordinated research activities.

Project name: Economic Appraisal of Small Modular Reactors Projects: Methodologies and Applications.

The role of NCBJ: Performer of the research task under the project.

Project title (task responsibility NCBJ): Technical - economic assessment of the High-Temperature Reactors (HTR) - Small Modular Reactors (SMR) concepts for industrial and municipal power and heat supplies. A case of Poland.

Research contract manager at NCBJ - prof. Wacław Gudowski.


Funding body: International Atomic Energy Agency

LinkLink to Coordinated Research Activities carried out within the activities of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Project start: September 1, 2020.

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