The project is aimed at secondary school students. Educational detectors have been available for hire for several years now. As part of the 'Educational Detectors for Schools' project implemented as part of the SON programme and funded by the Ministry, we conducted more than 50 free detector classes for schools in 2022 and 2023. As part of this project, the classes will be enhanced with a 3D printing workshop.

During the full-day classes, students will be able to see for themselves the ubiquity of radiation, how the intensity of radiation depends on the distance between the source and the detector, and how it changes when shielding made of different materials is applied. During the 3D printing class, we will present the most popular additive technologies and their applications. We will explain the principles of the 3D printer and then actively guide the students through the entire process from idea to finished print.

Project implemented as part of the Social Responsibility of Science II programme.



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