MARIA Research Reactor

MARIA is currently the sole research nuclear reactor operated in Poland. Its power amounts to 30 MW. The construction started in June 1970 in the then Institute of Nulcear Research in Świerk. MARIA went critical for the first time in December 1974.

Current main reactor applications:

  1. production of radioisotopes,
  2. testing of fuel and structural materials for nuclear power engineering,
  3. neutron transmutation doping of silicon,
  4. neutron modification of materials
  5. research in neutron and condensed matter physics
  6. neutron radiography,
  7. neutron activation analysis,
  8. neutron beams in medicine
  9. training in the field of reactor physics & technology.


MARIA Reactor

Visit to the MARIA research reactor as part of the NCBJ and OJ Świerk Virtual Open Days

MARIA Reactor

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MARIA Research Reactor - Introduction