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At the European Center for Theoretical Research of Nuclear Physics, ECT * Trento, a working session was held at the end of May, devoted to the interaction of "strange particles" with atomic nuclei, K-meson atoms, hypernuclei and the role of strange particles in the structure and size of stars neutrons.

The organizers devoted one day of the session to lectures on the scientific achievements of Professor Sławomir Wycech from the NCBJ Department of Theoretical Physics.

The results of research conducted by Professor Wycech, concerning the understanding of K-meson atoms, the search for the baronium (proton and antiproton bound states), the search for eta-meson nuclei, the study of the surface of atomic nuclei and understanding the nature of the interaction of the K meson and proton, were reported by outstanding scientists: E. Friedman (Jerusalem), B. Loiseau (Paris), P. Moskal (Krakow), A. Obertelli (Darmstadt) and K. Piscicchia (Rome).

Earlier, prof. Wycech gave a lecture entitled "An instructive story of failures".

Session recordings are available on the ETC * channel on YT:… and…

prof. Sławomir Wycech
prof. Sławomir Wycech