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NCBJ Świerk Science & Technology Park (PNT) reached an agreement with the Cryptomind S.A. company. It will be the 33rd business entity located in PNT. The company is going to run CryptoLab, a cyber security lab.

PNT mission is to support incubation and development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), particularly those operating in Hi-Tech business sectors compatible  with the NCBJ profile. As of August 1,  2017, a pretty large number of companies using the Park facilities and services so far will increase. An agreement in that matter was reached with Cryptomind S.A. last week.

Cryptomind S.A., an innovative Polish company, is going to run in Świerk a cyber security lab dubbed CryptoLab.  The lab will concentrate its efforts on UseCrypt, a cryptographic system being the company’s flagship product. “The solution may be used to safely store and exchange data internally between staff of an institution, with external partners/contracting parties, as well as with the first encrypted communicator dubbed UseCrypt” – explains Sandra Mazur, Cryptomind S.A. management board member. “The first Polish encrypting tool developed by us on the basis of our proprietary and patented HVKM technology is secure i.e. totally resistant to all known methods of crypto-analysis.  The product we intend to develop in our PNT-located lab in Świerk is the sole commercial system capable to store encrypted data. The product was positively evaluated by Military University of Technology and National Institute of Telecommunication in Warsaw”.

Cyber security is one of the fields, in which also NCBJ scientists are greatly interested in. “Approaches of NCBJ and Cryptomind experts to cyber security issues are in a sense complementary” – says Michał Wójtowicz, PNT Director. “Cryptomind has concentrated on software issues, while experts working in our Institute want to analyse such issues already at the hardware level. Such topics were listed in the programme of partner collaboration between NCBJ and European Joint Research Centre signed last April”.

Cryptomind S A. is the 33rd business entity supported by PNT Świerk. About ten of the entities has been running their businesses at the Park premises (advanced 3D printing, design/testing of highly specialized electronic circuits develped for large international research labs etc.). Beneficiaries  may take advantage of seven modern PNT labs capable to test strength of materials in nano/micro-scale, perform industrial tomography/scanning, print in 3D objects of some metal/alloy powders, test resistance of electronic circuits to extreme weather conditions maintained in a controlled climate chamber, provide clean room environment. Some spin-off companies founded by Świerk scientists are among the businesses.

PNT was founded in NCBJ Świerk within the framework of a project co-financed from the Mazovia Voivodship Regional Operational Programme. PNT offers some free-of-charge services (de minimis assistance), making available its own specialized labs, lab/office/warehouse/conference rooms, conference facilities, legal/financial/engineering/commercial consulting. It can also act as an interface between business entities and NCBJ scientists helping the entities to establish international contacts based on a broad network of international scientific cooperation relations and partnerships already established by research teams of the Institute.