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Delegaci na Great Energy Summit 2016 podczas wizyty w reaktorze Maria, fot. Marcin Jakubowski, NCBJ
Delegates for the Great Energy Summit 2016 conference are visiting the MARIA reactor in Świerk (photo Marcin Jakubowski NCBJ)

Representatives of some private companies from the British nuclear industry sector and some employees of Commercial Sections of British embassies in CEE/Balkan countries have visited NCBJ Świerk. 

Dr. Kurek, NCBJ Director General, acquainted the visitors with Institute’s profile, in particular with projects related to nuclear power, applications of nuclear techniques, and to nuclear medicine. Another presentation familiarized the guests with NCBJ POLATOM Radioisotope Centre. The guests paid a visit to the MARIA reactor and were presented with various industrial/medical accelerators and other equipment commercially offered by HITEC (NCBJ Division of Nuclear Equipment).

Objectives of the event were similar to objectives of the visit organized last October for a group of foreign diplomats associated in Club of Business Advisors at the Polish National Chamber of Commerce: to tighten relations between scientific and business communities. Modern research infrastructure recently deployed in Świerk and various industry/medicine addressed projects recently accomplished in NCBJ are a good basis for such relations.

Diplomats and businessmen who have visited Świerk were attendees of the Great Energy Summit conference held in Warsaw on February 17–18, 2016. The main topics of this year edition of the conference included perspectives of nuclear power in CEE countries, innovativeness in the coal industry sector, and growth opportunities in the oil/gas industry sector. The conference has been organized by UK Trade and Investment government agency that is acting in Poland via Commercial Section of British Embassy in Warsaw. About 200 delegates from CEE and UK have participated, including politicians, British academia representatives, economic/industrial journalists, and representatives of nuclear power/oil/gas sector companies. 

Delegaci na Great Energy Summit 2016 podczas wizyty w reaktorze Maria, fot. Marcin Jakubowski, NCBJ