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Finał X edycji „Fizycznych Ścieżek”

Concluding ceremony of 10th edition of the “Paths of Physics” contest for high school students interested in the sciences will commence at 8:30 am on April 11 in PAN Institute of Physics lecture hall (Aleja Lotników 32/46, Warsaw).

Works to be presented to all interested in physics during this year final ceremony of the “Paths of Physics” contest include some rather unusual titles: „A few words of a poetry lover on physics, a grumpy relative”, „What attracts plants”, „About whirls”.

As every year, the contest jury pre-selected the best works. Authors of the works will be given an opportunity to present them during the grand final ceremony to the jury and to the public. Together with their teachers they will be eagerly awaiting for announcement of contest outcomes. Three contest categories include:

  • Research paper – some experimental results must be scientifically analysed and topped up with some conclusions.
  • Physical phenomenon show – authors are expected to demonstrate to the public some physical phenomenon in an attractive way and to prove they understand the occurring physical processes.
  • Essay – the category for runners wishing to show off their eloquence and to present their own ideas on physics, history, scientists, nature of physical phenomena etc.

4 research papers, 9 shows and 4 essays have been qualified for presentation during the final ceremony to be held on Saturday, April 11 in PAN Institute of Physics lecture hall. Each qualified contest runner will be assigned 15-20 minute time slot. Besides, Associate Professor Krzysztof Kurek will give an invited lecture on nucleon tomography.

Contest winners will be given an opportunity to present their works to a wider public next day noon in the Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw.

Student works qualified to the final ceremony and details of the contest rules are described on the Webpage.

The annual “Paths of Physics” contest is organized jointly by NCBJ (Świerk) and PAN Institute of Physics (Warsaw) under the patronage of several institutions, including Ministry of Science and Higher Education and Polish Press Agency (PAP) for all students of secondary schools, high schools and technical colleges who are interested in physics. The contest enjoys great popularity.

Every “Paths of Physics” contest runner invited to take part in the contest final ceremony will receive a prize gift. Ordinary participants receive popular books, while laureates – board games. Each high school graduate who has won the first, the second, or the third place in a contest category will be offered a special prize: right to enter the Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Sciences Faculty of the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. Scientific visits to Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna near Moscow (Russia) are special prizes. All contest runners – even the youngest ones, who just start their adventure with the science – are highly appreciated in their local communities.

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Finał X edycji „Fizycznych Ścieżek”