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Professor Grzegorz Wrochna. NCBJ Director General, has received plenty of tributes, congratulations and wishes for NCBJ Scientific Council and employees sent in on the occasion of 40th birthday of the MARIA reactor.

Exceptional significance of the MARIA reactor – the jewel in the NCBJ’s crown – for medicine, science and national economy was pointed in many of the received congratulation letters. Common expectation is that the reactor will remain operational for many years ahead. Author of one of the letters has cited Maria Skłodowska-Curie’s words, which even to-day may be treated as guidelines for scientists and all who support them: „We can never hope to set the world on a better track unless individuals are put towards the better. Therefore everyone should work on self-improvement while being aware of his/her personal share of responsibility for what happens in the entire world. A direct obligation of everybody is to help those to whom we can be most helpful.”

Gratulacje dla Marii