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All high school students interested in physics are invited to attendee two open workshops organized by scientists from NCBJ, Warsaw University (UW) Physics Faculty and Warsaw University of Technology (PW) Physics Faculty. During the events, the attendees will get an opportunity to take a peek behind the scenes of the two largest experiments run at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in CERN (Geneva): CMS and ALICE.

The international workshop is organized 13-th time as the Masterclasses 2017 event. Some scientists working on a daily basis at the CMS and ALICE experiments will try to show students how beautiful the process of discovering mysteries of the Universe may be. They will also try to answer all questions the young people may ask. Each workshop attendee will spend one day as a physics student.

The workshop will start with some lectures given by Adam Kisiel, Associate Professor in PW Physics Faculty, Krzysztof Turzyński, Associate Professor in UW Physics Faculty, and Artur Kalinowski,  Associate Professor in UW Physics Faculty. The lecturers will introduce the attendees into the most important current issues of elementary particle physics and will familiarize the listeners with the ALICE/CMS experiments run at LHC in CERN. After a short break, Dr. Łukasz Granczykowski and Dr Małgorzata Janik from PW, Dr. Małgorzata Kazana from NCBJ, as well as Professor Artur Kalinowski, Andrzej Pyskir, MSc, and Marek Walczak, MSc from UW will practically show the attendees how large international scientific collaborations in elementary particle physics are running their experiments. The attendees capable to program computers will be given an opportunity to single-handedly analyse some real data acquired during the experiments, which may be a very fascinating experience for them. The results of the analyses will be presented via a video channel to attendees of similar events organized simultaneously in CERN and some other locations. Such teleconferences are a routine way of communication used on a daily basis by physicists residing in various countries to discuss their current agendas. (The discussion will be in English).

The Masterclasses 2017 workshops will be held at the UW Physics Faculty premises at 5 Pasteura str. in Warsaw on Saturday, March 4 (the CMS experiment) and on Saturday, April 1 (the ALICE experiment). Both free-of-charge evens will start at 10 am and will end at 5.15 pm. The number of attendees is limited. Book a place for you via the Webpage.

Warsztaty Fizyki Cząstek Elementarnych dla uczniów szkół średnich