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In connection with the article in Gazeta Stołeczna entitled „Treatment of a patient with cancer was canceled. The reason? The radioisotope is imported from Russia" we explain that the reasons for the described situation do not lie on the part of NCBJ and we do not know anything about that could be associated with problems with supplies from Russia. The NCBJ spokesman addressed the author of the article with the following explanation:

I explain that the contract with WIM it did not "expire at the end of June" but was annexed in May and is still in force. NCBJ continuously produces radiopharmaceuticals and delivers them to recipients in accordance with contracts and delivery schedule. The situation on the Russian market did not and does not affect our production of lutetium 177, and thus the production of LutaPol.  The information that LutaPol is an unregistered precursor of the drug is also untrue. On the contrary, it is approved as a drug precursor.

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