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NCBJ organizes the 1st NOMATEN International Conference on Materials Informatics. Materials informatics is a new field of research that uses advanced IT tools to better understand and design materials needed primarily for work in extreme conditions, as well as in medicine. This subject is dealt with, among others, by originators and organizers of the conference – scientists from the NOMATEN Center of Excellence operating in Świerk.

The 1st NOMATEN International Conference on Materials Informatics is organized by the NOMATEN Center of Excellence operating at the National Center for Nuclear Research. More than 60 scientists, experts and industry representatives from over 15 countries will attend the conference on materials computing, a pioneering field that is based on a new approach to researching existing and new materials through the use of machine learning, artificial intelligence and statistical methods.

„Material informatics offers new possibilities in materials research” – emphasizes the chairman of the Conference, prof. Stefanos Papanikolaou, head of the NOMATEN materials science research group. „Thanks to the techniques we use, it is possible, for example, to identify defects in the material in electron microscopy photos, which otherwise could escape the researcher’s attention. Material computing allows for the collection and analysis of large data sets from research and experiments. In this aspect, material informatics tools can be used in cooperation with other research groups, with experimental teams that study functional properties and characterize materials – both within NCBJ and NOMATEN, as well as in cooperation with research units from Poland and other countries.

The event will last from 1 to 3 June this year at NCBJ (Sołtana 7, Otwock-Świerk) and its detailed program, updated on a regular basis, is available at: The language of the conference is English.

The conference project received financial support from the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange as part of a grant from the Welcome to Poland program.


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