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Prof. dr hab. Danuta Kiełczewska, ur. 21.08.1945 zm. 22.02.2016

Professor Danuta Kiełczewska, 21.08.1945–22.02.2016

Professional achievements and organizational talents of Prof. Danuta Kiełczewska, a member of the Warsaw University Physics Faculty and also for several years a member of scientific staff in the Andrzej Sołtan Institute for Nuclear Studies, laid foundations for experimental neutrino physics in Poland cultivated by strong teams in Warsaw, Cracow, Wrocław and Katowice. She got involved into the neutrino physics during her fellowship spent in ’80 at University of California Irvine in the team headed by Professor F. Reines, future winner of a Nobel prize in physics. Prof. Kiełczewska participated in getting ready and running the Super-Kamiokande experiment that ultimately proved neutrino oscillations. Those results were honoured with Nobel prize awarded to Professor Takaaki Kajita in 2015.

Numerous invitations to give a lecture have proved Professor Kiełczewska’s high position within the scientific community. In 2006 she was distinguished with Scopus Award for Scientific Achievement as the Polish scientist whose works were most frequently cited during the 2001-2005 period. She knew how to attract both students and co-workers. After the Super-Kamiokande discovery (1998), she actively participated in organizing neutrino groups in Poland. The groups are functioning till now and all the time have been drawing on Professor Kiełczewska’s scientific competences and expertise. Her endeavours have greatly helped the Polish groups to get included into the T2K neutrino experiment. One can say that the to-day participation of Polish researchers is a consequence of some pioneering contributions made by Prof. Kiełczewska to neutrino physics.

We will remember Prof. Kiełczewska also as a tutor of numerous PhD students (both at Warsaw University and in the Andrzej Sołtan Institute for Nuclear Studies, currently NCBJ) and a careful reviewer of works done by young scientists. Many PhD students took their first steps on the international arena of neutrino research under Her supervision. For many of us Prof. Kiełczewska was not only an outstanding physicists, but also a full of optimism and friendly fellow. We will miss Her much!

Farewell, Danusia!

Funeral ceremonies will start on Monday, February 29, 2016 at 1 pm in St. Karol Boromeusz Church (the Powązki Cemetery) in Warsaw.

Prof. dr hab. Danuta Kiełczewska, ur. 21.08.1945 zm. 22.02.2016