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From left to right: Jacek Jagielski, Tieshan Wang, Ewa Rondio, Dariusz Szymański, Łukasz Kurpaska (photo NCBJ)

Professor Tieshan Wang, Director of Institute of Material and Radiation Physics at the Lanzhou University in China has visited Świerk as a NCBJ invited guest. Mr. Dariusz Szymański from Polish Ministry of Energy has also attended the meeting.

The visit was a good opportunity to make contacts in research on materials for future nuclear reactors. Prof. Rondio, NCBJ Deputy Director, informed our guest on NCBJ scientific profile/commercial activities. Professor Wang talked about R&D projects run at the Lanzhou University and in other nuclear research centres in China, and presented perspectives of the Chinese nuclear power programme. The topic of possible cooperation in research on materials for 4th generation nuclear reactors – most probably workhorses of the future nuclear power industry – played a significant role in the ensuing discussion.

Numerous countries both in Europe and in other parts of the world plan to utilize nuclear energy in the coming years. It is expected that both the number of countries operating nuclear reactors and the total power installed in nuclear power plants will rise by 2040. Global investments in nuclear power sector expected before 2050 are estimated to about €3 trillion, majority of which will be spent in Asia. Chinese government is fully aware of that trend. The number of nuclear reactors currently under construction in China, 24, is as high as the number of reactors currently under construction in all remaining countries of the world. China is planning to develop other 30 reactors. Power installed in China is to rise by 125 GWe, i.e. by more than the total power currently installed in all EU countries (120 GWe). Both EU and China are running intensive research projects on 4th generation nuclear reactors which are to be more energy-efficient, safer to the environment, and to make better use of the available uranium. NCBJ scientists are also involved in such research.

Professor Wang visited the MARIA reactor, Material Research Lab, and Plasma/Ion Beam Technology Division.

Uczestnicy spotkania, od lewej: Jacek Jagielski, Tieshan Wang, Ewa Rondio, Dariusz Szymański i Łukasz Kurpaska – fot. NCBJ