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A large part of the radiopharmaceuticals produced by OR POLATOM is shipped to recipients around the world by air. Obtaining the certificate of a Known Consignor is a proof of recognition of internal safety procedures and ensures that the preparations will reach patients faster and in a safer way.


The Known Consignor status is granted by the President of the Civil Aviation Authority for a period of 5 years. It can be obtained by manufacturers who ship their products by air. Loads from a Known Consignor do not have to undergo security checks before loading, which means that they reach the recipient faster and with ensuring the integrity of the shipment during each stage of transport. However, this means that internal security procedures must comply with the principles and standards of civil aviation security.

Due to the nature of shipments sent by OR POLATOM, a significant part of radiopharmaceuticals is closed in lead containers that cannot be x-rayed during security checks. Therefore, adjusting the infrastructure and internal procedures to comply with the requirements for obtaining the Known Consignor status was a natural goal during the modernization and renovation at OR POLATOM carried out in recent years.

„NCBJ OR POLATOM has only received the status of a Known Consignor, but preparations for it have been going on over the last few years. As suggested by the Civil Aviation Authority, our renovations took into account the requirements necessary to obtain this certificate” – describes Mateusz Koczyk, Logistics Department Manager at OR POLATOM. „In addition to adjusting the infrastructure, we introduced appropriate security procedures, we conducted training of employees involved in all stages of preparing parcels, which also included background checks and presentation of criminal record certificates from the National Criminal Register. However, all this effort has its purpose – we can be sure that the parcels will reach the recipients without the risk of interfering with their content. ”

An entity applying for the status of a Known Consignor must meet a number of conditions. Among other things, it appoints a person responsible for air cargo security. The exemption from the need to conduct security checks before loading also means that the Consignor is obliged to protect the items against unauthorized interference at every stage of production, packaging, storage and shipment. It also covers employee training in the field of civil aviation security and additional recruitment procedures. It is also required to create the so-called Security Program – a document that details the security measures applied, internal compliance control and the procedure to be followed in the event of incidents. The on-site inspection carried out in the plant ensures that all these requirements are met.

„Cooperation with the Internal Security Service of NCBJ is also very important” – emphasizes Mateusz Koczyk – „both in the process of preparing and distributing parcels, and during the on-site inspection itself. Our procedures are carried out professionally and in accordance with the applicable protection standards, in which the WSO also participates.”

Considering the importance of OR POLATOM production on the global radiopharmaceuticals market, the status of a Known Consignor is a proof of recognition for the applied safety procedures and an expression of trust in the professionalism of the manufacturer. It also opens up new paths of cooperation, not only in the field of forwarding.

„The Status of a Known Consignor is often a requirement when entering into cooperation with shipping companies in Poland and abroad. An additional advantage is the ability to send parcels at most European airports „– explains Mateusz Koczyk. „Moreover, its advantages are not used only by OR POLATOM, because irradiated samples from the MARIA reactor can be sent in the same way”.

„The POLATOM Radioisotope Center currently provides production of, among others, radiopharmaceuticals containing the iodine isotope – I-131, which are used by over one hundred thousand patients annually ”– describes Marcin Konior, Production Director at OR POLATOM. „Our products reach customers in 80 countries on 6 continents by air. As a Known Consignor, we want to provide recipients with the fastest and safest possible transport of radiopharmaceuticals for therapy and diagnostics”.

Obtaining the status of a Known Consignor is a very important achievement for a producer of radiopharmaceuticals, such as OR POLATOM. The stage of preparing shipments and transporting preparations to patients is often omitted in the field of nuclear medicine, although due to the short half-life of radioisotopes (several days or even hours) and the need to administer a precise dose of radiation to patients, it is a key stage.