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Joanna Zalipska, PhD, who carries out a research grant from the OPUS programme of National Science Centre, is looking for people eager to cooperate in a MSc or PhD scholarship. The project funded by the Centre is titled „Correlated nucleon pairs in neutrino interactions” and is led by Prof. Jan Sobczyk from University of Wrocław.

Physicists from the Neutrino Group (http: //neutrino. ncbj. gov. pl) in NCBJ are researching neutrinos in the T2K experiment in Japan. In this experiment a beam of neutrinos form accelerator is targeted at a detector placed nearly 300 km away in a huge water tank inside a mountain. By detecting the interactions between neutrinos and water molecules they gather data about neutrino oscillations. The researchers are also looking to answer the question about how neutrinos interact with matter. To do so, they study their properties using a detector at the start of the neutrino beam.

You can learn more about the experiment from the film http: //scientify. ch/project/t2k/.