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Despite the ongoing interruption in the work of the LHC, plans for its use are still being developed. These include the search for new, light long-life particles in the new FASER detector currently under construction. Some limitations of experiments looking for this type of particles is the lifetime of the searched objects. If the particles disintegrate too quickly, they do not reach the detector and are not recorded.

In a recently published article in the prestigious journal Physical Review D three scientists from NCBJ: Professor Leszek Roszkowski, Dr Sebastian Trojanowski and Mr. Krzysztof Jodłowski, in cooperation with a researcher at the SLAC laboratory in the USA showed that these limitations need not apply to more realistic versions of theoretical models with more new, long-life particles.

The interaction between them can significantly increase the chances of their detection. The discovery of this type of particles could potentially also affect our understanding of the nature of dark matter.

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