Findings from probabilistic analysis of 23 years of reliability data from Maria Research Reactor

 sala 172, bud. 39 (Cyfronet, III piętro)

21 May, 2024 - 21 May, 2024

Seria: Seminarium Zakładu Energetyki Jądrowej i Analiz Środowiska (UZ3)

Prelegent i afiliacja: Jacek Kałowski NCBJ

Data: 21.05.2024, godz. 11:30

Miejsce: sala 172, bud. 39 (Cyfronet, III piętro)

Streszczenie: Historical reliability records from Maria operation allows insight into accuracy of initial PSA models built for the purpose of safety classification of reactor components. In this presentation you will see high level results from probabilistic analysis of the data and the use of standard and more advanced reliability models and what kind of new knowledge they provide.