Instalacja w Rykach, fot. Lubelska Agencja Wspierania Przedsiębiorczości

The first collective prosumer in Poland is already operational!



In recent years, the popularity of individual energy production using renewable energy sources has been growing rapidly. At the beginning of July this year, the first collective prosumer in Poland began operating. This was made possible by cooperation in which the Interdisciplinary Department of Energy Analysis (IDEA), which is part of the National Centre for Nuclear Research, participated.

Individual energy production is extremely popular in Poland. Over 1.3 million individual prosumers already produce energy for their own needs. Thanks to the definition of a collective prosumer proposed by the Ministry of Development and Technology in April 2022, tenants of multi-unit buildings can produce electricity from a common installation and settle the revenues among many residents. The introduced definition opens new opportunities for 500,000. existing multi-unit buildings in the country, which means a revolution on the Polish market and a new stage of renewable energy development, this time in urban space.

The creation of the first collective prosumer in the country was the result of cooperation between IDEA/NCBJ, an employee company of Enercode Sp. z o. o.*, which is part of IDEA, as well as the Ministry of Development and Technology and PEB and IB Company. The installation, which has been operating for a month, was created in a residential building in Ryki, in Lublin Province.

The development of photovoltaics in recent years has focused on single-family houses. Due to the challenges associated with transmitting additional energy in distribution networks, there is a need for new solutions. The answer to the needs and at the same time limiting the load on the network is the institution of a collective prosumer for residents of multi-family blocks. It consists of a photovoltaic installation connected to the network in the building and mounted virtually non-invasively on the roof and a simple billing system. This combination maximizes energy savings through auto-consumption of energy.

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 * Enercode Sp. z o. o. is a company established by NCBJ employees, and more precisely by employees of the organizational unit - the Interdisciplinary Center for Energy Analysis of NCBJ. NCBJ employees are partners of this company, hence it is an employee company of NCBJ.


Instalacja w Rykach, fot. Lubelska Agencja Wspierania Przedsiębiorczości