NCBJ and the International Institute of Nuclear Energy will cooperate in the field of education and training



On May 20, at the headquarters of the National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ) in Świerk, Otwock, the NCBJ and the International Institute of Nuclear Energy (I2EN) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) regarding cooperation in the field of education and training in the nuclear sector. His Excellency the French Ambassador to Poland, Etienne de Poncins, participated in the ceremony.

During the ceremony, prof. Krzysztof Kurek, Director of NCBJ, presented the current activities and plans of the institute. The International Institute of Nuclear Energy (I2EN) was represented by Director Karen Daifuku, who defined the priorities for cooperation. Then, both sides signed an agreement aimed at tightening cooperation between Poland and France in the field of staff education and scientific research in the field of nuclear physics.

The signed agreement will facilitate access for NCBJ trainees to educational and training programs in France, and will also enable NCBJ staff and trainees to use the resources of I2EN partners in France, such as training reactors and simulators. An important element of the established cooperation will be the organization of the exchange of scientists and experts for training purposes, as well as „Train-the-Trainers” programs in France and Poland and other training sessions, workshops and seminars. There are also plans to organize joint conferences, symposia and scientific congresses on nuclear issues in Poland and France.

The agreement opens new opportunities for international cooperation in the field of nuclear education and is a step towards global nuclear security. The exchange of experiences between the best NCBJ and I2EN experts will allow for further mutual improvement of their qualifications.

The Memorandum of Understanding will be valid for five years from the date of signing, with the possibility of extension and the introduction of additional detailed agreements regulating the conditions of further cooperation.

Podpisanie Memorandum of Understanding przez Dyrektora NCBJ, prof. Krzysztofa Kurka oraz Dyrektor Karen Daifuku z I2EN, w obecności Jego Ekscelencji Ambasadora Francji w Polsce, Etienne de Poncins
Wizyta w reaktorze MARIA (Foto: NCBJ)