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Termin zbierania ofert: 29-03-2024

The National Center for Nuclear Research (NCBJ) is one of the bigest research institutes in Poland. Wide research activity takes place at NCBJ, especially basic research in nuclear physics and related fields, reactor research and development of nuclear fuel, safety of nuclear installations and many others.

Currently, we are looking for a person for a position in Division of Nuclear Energy and Environmental Studies (UZ3)

Research-technical specialist in safety analyses of nuclear reactors

Location: Otwock - Świerk - in the outskirts of Warsaw with daily transport services provided. 

Job/tasks description: 

  • Active participation in the work of teams working on hydro-thermal calculation using high fidelity CFD programs.
  • Active development of numerical competences in the area of thermal-flow calculations.
  • Work on the preparation of test installations for high-temperature DFR and HTGR reac-tors.
  • Use of the results of calculations and experiments in the field of safety analyzes of nu-clear reactors.
  • Preparation of materials for scientific articles and conference presentations.
  • Analytical work in the field of NCBJ activity: creating documents and substantive materi-als (reports, presentations, notes) and organizational (reports, reports, etc.), transla-tions.
  • Performing other activities ordered by the Laboratory head and other superiors at NCBJ.
  • Performing duties in accordance with the Institute's Working Regulations.
  • Compliance with state and official secrets, work discipline, health and safety regulations, fire regulations, rules of protection against ionizing radiation


  • Holding a PhD in science or technology 
  • Ability to perform thermal-flow calculations using CFD codes: ANSYS Fluent and/or OpenFOAM
  • Knowledge of meshing techniques and turbulence models (computational fluid dynam-ics)
  • Skills in designing experimental systems related to high-temperature reactor technolo-gies.
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in the research profile related to nuclear energy.
  • Knowledge of the phenomena of fluid flow, heat transfer and engineering competences in designing experimental installations.
  • Strong communication skills and ability to work in a team.
  • Very good command in English (min. B2).
  • Readiness to present results during meetings and seminars
  • Ability to present the results in the form of technical reports and scientific publications

We appreciate:

  • Scientific achievements in the form of publications and conference materials concerning nuclar energy. 
  • Experience in the implementation of research and technical projects.

We offer:

  • Employment in one of the fastest developing research Institute in Poland (Diament Forbes 2021). 
  • Employment based on an employment contract.
  • Joining a team of experienced research-technical specialists
  • Possibility of scientific development
  • Interesting and important tasks in the field of nuclear reactors, including new generations
  • Additional annual salary and other social security benefits.
  • Company transport from Warsaw to NCBJ and backwards (more: https://bus.swierk.pl/rozklad-jazdy/).
  • Additional medical service

Contact: prof. Mariusz Dąbrowski, mariusz.dabrowski@ncbj.gov.pl, tel. 22 273 14 30

All applications should be sent by e-mail to: mariusz.dabrowski@ncbj.gov.pl 

Additional comments

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The National Centre for Nuclear Research is awarded by “HR Excellence in Research”. Recruitment is based on OTM-R system (Open, Transparent and Merit-based recruitment practices in Research Performing Organisations).