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Advanced Virgo is ready

Bird's-eye view on the Virgo facility (photo Virgo Collaboration)
Objective of the Advanced Virgo project officially concluded on February 20, 2017 in European Gravitational Observatory (EGO) in Pisa (Italy) was to modernise the Virgo interferometer. Polish scientists participated in the project. It is hoped that the Advanced Virgo detector will significantly advance research on gravitational waves, so far the largest discovery in physics of the 21st century. ----

NCBJ has acquired some modern instruments for neutron studies

Research hall at the MARIA reactor
Four modern instruments dedicated to neutron studies will soon come to Świerk according to an agreement reached between NCBJ and Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin. The instruments will certainly expand opportunities to conduct neutron experiments at the MARIA reactor research lab. ----

Polish scientists will coordinate European-US cooperation on development of nuclear technologies

NCBJ will coordinate R&D works on High Temperature Reactors (HTR) to be conducted within the “GEMINI+” European-US cooperation project. GEMINI+ is one of the five projects from Świerk accepted for financing in the most recent Horizon 2020 EURATOM call for proposals. ----

NCBJ has reached an agreement with X-energy

X-energy company logo
A group of Polish Ministry of Energy officials has visited USA. During that visit NCBJ has reached an agreement with X-energy, an US start-up company. That company will be another valuable partner in our plans to develop High Temperature Reactors (HTR) in Poland. Polish scientists seek to construct the first Polish pilot plant in NCBJ Świerk. ----

NCBJ will serve as another European research facility

Dyrektor NCBJ Krzysztof Kurek, Dyrektor Generalny JRC Vladimir Sucha podczas podpisywania umowy, fot JRC
NCBJ has reached an agreement on collaboration with Joint Research Centre (JRC), one of the Directorates General within the European Commission. JRC scientists carry out research to provide European Union with independent advice and support to EU science & technology policy. ----