Scientists often participate in research grants aimed at achieving a scientific result, but in order to do so they construct a number of "interim solutions" to aid in the research.

Sometimes the result of scientific work is something that can very well fit into the commercial market and give the manufacturer a competitive advantage. All leading companies with development departments cooperate with research centers and often place their cells in science and technology parks, naturally interacting with the emerging technology.

Gaining a competitive edge allows salespeople to argue effectively to the customer, allows marketers to address the buyer's market with effective advertising, and ultimately leads to sales increases and a good bottom line.

Companies cooperating with technology parks, through the presence of their own or a subsidiary in the park, have the opportunity to participate in the creation of technology. They can more easily apply jointly to obtain a research and development grant allowing them to finance the development of technologies on the one hand, and cover part of their costs on the other.

The conduct of the inventor when applying for a patent

If one supposes that the "way" or "thing" that one has invented (invention) is patentable, one should follow a certain procedure to file an application and then obtain a patent.

One should inform the supervisor, fill out the Invention Application Card (can be downloaded here), get approval and signature from the supervisor.

If the supervisor refers the invention for further proceedings considering it promising, contact the Patent Attorney. In consultation with the Patent Attorney, prepare a description of the invention including drawings (this requires several meetings to refine the description).

Note: it is not allowed to disclose details of the invention to the public especially in the form of articles, presentations, seminars or even social conversations before the official application at the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland completed with a Patent Application Number because this may be grounds for rejection of the application at the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland.

The Patent Attorney, based on the description of the invention together with drawings, prepares the patent documentation for the application and then reports the invention to the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland. There is a fee charged by the Patent Attorney for the preparation of the documentation and the application process itself at the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, so it is advisable to be mindful of the source from which the financing of the project will be realized.

In the process of preparing an invention for a patent application, it is necessary to trace what patents have already been granted on this or a similar subject and prove that they did not apply to the area you want patent protection for - this is done by the inventor.

The patent application is subject to verification at the Polish Patent Office. This often involves providing additional answers to the Office's questions and clarifying doubts. This process is carried out by the Patent Attorney in cooperation with the inventor as part of the fee.

The granting of a patent usually takes two or more years.

Contact information for Ms. Patent Attorney: 

Danuta Jankowska