Irradiation effects in Oxide Dispersion Strengthened (ODS) steels

16 Apr, 2024 - 16 Apr, 2024

Seria: NOMATEN Online Seminar

Prelegent i afiliacja: Dr. Joel Ribis / French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), France

Data: April 16th, 2024, 1 PM


Streszczenie: Oxide dispersion-strengthened materials are reinforced by a (Y, Ti, O) nano-oxide dispersion and thus can be considered as nanostructured materials. Designed to serve in extreme environment – i.e., a nuclear power plant – the challenge for ODS steels is to preserve the nano-oxide dispersion under irradiation in order to maintain the excellent creep properties of the alloy in the reactor. Under irradiation, the nano-oxides exhibit different behaviour as a function of the temperature [1]. At low temperature, the nano-oxides tend to dissolve owing to the frequent ballistic ejection of the solute atoms. At medium temperature, the thermal diffusion balances the ballistic dissolution, and the nano-oxides display an apparent stability. At high temperature, the nano-oxides start to coarsen, resulting in an increase in their size and a decrease in their number density [2, 3]. In this talk the different irradiation response of the nano-oxides will be developed and detailed.